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Kuch Bhi
Chocolate Mango MousseBy AartiThis is a quick and really delicious Chocolate Mango Mousse Recipe that is eggless. Make the best use of Mangoes this season and enjoy the with Chocolate Mango Mousse.
Cucumber Raita RecipeBy AartiCucumber Raita is a cooling raita made with chopped or grated cucumber with added spices for flavour. Most India eat raita as a cooling agent and it is very much used in summer.
Mini Soya Chunks PulaoBy AartiThis Mini Soya Chunks Pulao Recipe is easy to cook and has a great taste neutrality. Soya bean needs no introduction as it comes with lots of proteins. There are many options for proteins however, the best one is to use soya chunks which are protein rich.
Aval Upma | Kanda PohaBy AartiAval Upma or Kanda Poha recipe is one of the healthy and easiest South Indian Breakfast recipes using rice flakes or flattened rice or parched rice. Poha or Aval is used for making various dishes that are most commonly eaten for breakfast or snack Poha or Aval is used in Kheer as well. Aval Upma goes well with plain yogurt or with a cup of tea or coffee. Aval Upma can be prepared in just 20 mins.