Humorous Definitions

Public Telephone: A coin swallowing machine.

Smile: A small curve that solves big problems.

Tomorrow: The best labour – saving device.

Earth: A minor planet with major problems.

Kitchen: Final laboratory of housewife.

Sympathy: Offered in exchange for details.

Marriage: An institution where a boy loses his bachelor’s degree and girl gains her master’s.

Conference: A meeting of bored people.

Life: Like a cigarette which begins with flash but ends with ashes.

Exams: Where the foolish asks questions which the wise can’t answer.

Boss: A person who comes in early to see who comes late.

Old age: When U wink at a girl and she say, “Anything wrong with Ur eye, Uncle?”

Neighbour: One who knows more about U than U do.

Etc: A sign used to make others believe that U knows more than what U really does.

Body: The stuff that hangs on Ur bones.

Middle Age: When U want to see how long Ur car will last instead of how fast it will go.

Friend: Someone who doesn’t believe the gossip he hears about U even if he knows it’s true.

Expert: A person who knows enough to complicate simple matters

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