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Bhein Ji Bhaji, Kamal Kakdi Sabji, Lotus Stem Vegetable

Yields4 ServingsCook Time30 minsTotal Time30 mins

Bhein, Kamal Kakdi, Lotus Stem vegetable is very common among Sindhi community. Many non Sindhi's are not aware about this vegetable. It has wonderful taste, lots of vitamins and very healthy.

 2 qts med. stalks bhee (Kamal Kakdi lotus stem)
 1 potato (Optional)
 4 small onions grated
 2 tomatoes grated
 1 tsp ginger grated
 1 tsp garlic ground (Optional)
 Green chillies to taste
 1 tbsp coriander chopped
 2 Big cardamoms
 2 cloves
 1 Tej Patta (Bay leaf)
 1 small stick cinnamon
 5 Black pepper corns
 0.50 tsp jeera powder (cumin)
 1 tsp dhania powder (coriander)
 0.50 tsp garam masala powder
 0.50 tsp turmeric powder
 salt to taste
 2 tbsp ghee or oil
 1 cup water

Peel and slice bhee into 3/4" thick slices.


Boil in plenty of salt & turmeric water till tender. Drain and keep aside.


Heat ghee,add whole spices, allow to splutter.


Add ginger, garlic, fry for a minute.


Add onions, stir fry till light golden.


Add water till onions are smooth.


Add all dry masalas, tomatoes and cook till oil separates.


Add boiled bhee & potato. Stir, cover and simmer till potato is done.


Sprinkle fresh coriander leaves.


Serve hot with a dish of rice or paratha

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