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Ginger Jam Balls

Yields1 ServingCook Time20 minsTotal Time20 mins

Ginger Jam Balls for Christmas Festival

 200 g chocolate cake crumbs
 50 g tutti-frutti
 50 g Strawberry Jam
 25 g chopped cherries
 25 g chopped cashew nuts
 15 ml Rum
 0.75 tsp Ginger powder.

PREPARE cake crumbs by drying the cake and then pass through the sieve. Mix all the ingredients and add more jam, if required. Divide into equal size balls. Place grated chocolate with milk in a pan and hold over a double boiler till the chocolate has melted. Cool the chocolate completely. Dip each ball into it or pipe out the chocolate over it in a zigzag design. Decorate with remaining half cherries and sieve in paper cups.

For the decoration: 50 gm. chocolate melted in 10 ml. milk few halves of cherries for decoration.