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Have you ever wanted to rank Google search result? or play around to get the search on first page, or you wanted to add notes to your search results. To fulfill you wishes Google has launched new service called SearchWiKi.

What is SearchWiki?
SearchWiki lets users customize Google Web Search results by ranking or removing, and adding notes to each search result. This works only if the user is signed in to his Google Account. User can also see how other users have tailored any given search results page with their own notes and changes.

So, How do I use SearchWiKi

  • If a user likes certain link on search result page, then just click on Like it to move the search result to the top of the page. This result will appear at the top (displaying marker Link Up) whenever same search is made.
  • If user does not like a search result, then he can just click on Remove to remove it, and this will remain hidden whenever same search is made in the future.
  • If user knows about a better webpage on the web, so just Click Add a result at the bottom of any search results page to add a page that is considered relevant to that search. Just mentioned the URL in the box, and then click Add. When a search is done in the in the future, the suggested page will appear at the top displaying marker Link Up.
  • Last but not the least, Want if user needs to comment on a result. It is as easy as to click Comment to open a text box and type in the comment. This comment will appear next time the user searches. Comments are a great way to save and recall any thoughts or notes about a particular page.

Note:All the rankings and comments are associated with the Google Account user is logged in, and hence they affect only that users search result rankings. A listing of all the changes is visible on ‘SearchWiki notes’ page, which is visible only to the user who has logged into the account.


Watch the video: Here is a demonstration to see SearchWiki in action:

Following are the steps one has to follow if user wishes to undo the changes made to SearchWiki?

  • If you’d like to return a result you’ve promoted to its original position, click the down arrow next to the result.
  • If you want to restore a deleted page to your search results, click the Show them link at the bottom of the results page (next to ‘You have removed results from this page’), then click Restore.
  • To delete a comment you’ve made, click the Delete comment link.
  • Finally, if you added a new page to a set of search results, you can remove it by clicking the Remove next to it.

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