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Like me everyone receives messages from various service providers like Banks, e-commerce websites, Pizza stores and such other vendors. These messages are very annoying at times, one more thing that is common between these messages. These messages do not show sender’s numbers instead they show some alphabetical codes, for e.g. TD-HDFC or LM-CITI etc.

We judge the SMS is received from some bank or some other service providers, but always wonder what first two characters code stand for?

Well, I did a little research on this and found some interesting information to share.

The entire code is of the format XY-SrvName, where X represents the mobile operator sending the message, and Y represents the region. SrvName is the name under which the vendor using the bulk message facility is registered with the mobile operator. Sounds confusing?

Well, lets take an example of HDFC. When a message s received from HDFC bank, the sender name displayed is TMHDFCBK. Here first T is the code for the mobile operator (i.e. Tata Communication), M is the region from which the message is sent (i.e. Mumbai) and HDFCBK is the name under which HDFC Bank sends its message. Now the obvious question is how to decode this various codes. Following is the list of all the Mobile Operator codes and Region codes:

Service Provider Codes
Code Mobile Operator
A Bharti Airtel and Bharti Hexacom
C Datacom
D Aircel and Dishnet Wireless
E Reliance Telecom
I Idea Cellular, Aditya Birla Telecom
L Loop Telecom and BPL
P Spice Communications
R Reliance Communications
S S. Tel Ltd
T Tata Teleservices, Tata Teleservices Maharashtra
U Unitech Group of Companies (Telenor)
V Vodafone Group of Companies
W Swan Telecom
Y Shyam Telecom
Service Area Codes
Code Mobile Operator
A Andhra Pradesh
B Bihar
D Delhi
E UP (East)
G Gujarat
H Haryana
I Himachal Pradesh
J Jammu & Kashmir
K Kolkata
L Kerala
M Mumbai
N North East
O Orissa
P Punjab
R Rajasthan
S Assam
T Tamil Nadu, including Chennai
V West Bengal
W UP (West)
X Karnataka
Y Madhya Pradesh
Z Maharashtra

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