Growing Mall Culture in India Featured

On my visit to India this year in March the number of malls had trebled from what it was 2 years back. It just seemed like India has caught some kind of mall epidemic. Malls seem to be springing up in every nook and corner.


The question is do we need so many of them ?? This trend has just caught up in India and people seem to be enjoying it to the fullest. But have we ever thought of the negative aspects . What are we teaching our younger generation? Squander away all the money on trendy branded designer stuff. Keep spending lavishly as if there is no tomorrow. Since this is just in its infancy people are very excited but what happens when it becomes a norm? Where do people then go for entertainment?


Instead wouldn't it be better if we had more and more number of museums to go to, more art galleries to visit, go for long relaxed strolls in a park, spend some time reading leisurely in the libraries, indulge in some sports in a sport club . I know of many of my friends who would aimlessly wander in these big malls for the sake of enjoyment. Is that real enjoyment? Wouldn't it have been nicer if we could jog around instead in a beautiful green park. I am sure that even now to go to library one would have to travel at least 10-15 km to find a decent one.

Wonder when will this mall-fever end and people get back to reality and understand their basic needs?




Sreelaxmi Unnikrishnan
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