Free Map of India in Hard Copy

This is for all the tourist who are planning to visit India or Indians who are planning a vacation in some part of India. MOI is offering a free map of India, which represents substantial details of various physical, political, geographical, and local etc. aspects of the country in high resolution.

The map also covers various information like:

  • Political subjects such as States, union territories, capitals, important cities, road network, and railway network across India.
  • Representation of various domestic and international airports, harbors, and tourist destinations.
  • Detailed information on climatic conditions, transport facilities, tourist destinations, pilgrimage spots, festivals, culture, major shopping centers and malls, and major languages of all metro cities.
  • The maps are made using superior quality ink on high quality paper, which ensures high quality resolution and longevity.
  • These maps are made using multiple color representation of various places, structures, and tourist destinations provides better overview of various cities.
Note: Presently, the free map is being sent to addresses in India only.

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