Free Map of India in Hard Copy

Free Map of India in Hard Copy

This is for all the tourists who are planning to visit India or Indians who are planning a vacation in some part of India. MOI is offering a free map of India, which represents substantial details of various physical, political, geographical, and local, etc. aspects of the country in high resolution.

The map also covers various information like:

  • Political subjects such as States, union territories, capitals, important cities, road networks, and railway networks across India.
  • Representation of various domestic and international airports, harbors, and tourist destinations.
  • Detailed information on climatic conditions, transport facilities, tourist destinations, pilgrimage spots, festivals, culture, major shopping centers and malls, and major languages of all metro cities.
  • The maps are made using superior-quality ink on high-quality paper, which ensures high-quality resolution and longevity.
  • These maps are made using multiple color representations of various places, structures, and tourist destinations providing a better overview of various cities.
Note: Presently, the free map is being sent to addresses in India only.

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