“Sanai Chaughade” – Movie Review

Sanai Chaughade” – Movie Review by Nitesh Malap in

A movie like “Sanai Chaughade” makes you feel happy when you come outside the theatre after the complete show, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a popcorn movie. It’s a movie which asks you some questions, related to our society and our generation and our point of view about some incidents which faced by women in our society.

It’s a story of a girl “Sayee” and her unique marriage; she belongs to a small town Belgian. She lost her father at a very young age. After death of his mother which is the first scene of movie, she starts living with her cousin Urmila and her husband Shrikant in Pune. Urmila and Shrikan are a childless couple. Urmila promises Sayee’s mother that she will make all arrangements for Sayee’s marriage, after her death. And they both are happy to assume Sayye’s full responsibility as her guardian and get her married in the traditional manner. So they started their search for the right match for Sayee. During this search, Shrikant offered to for an assignment of 3 years in the U.S. This was a bit of background of the story, after all on behalf of the name of the movie “Sanai Chaughade” and punchline “He Lagna tar Honarach” audience are waiting for the main event i.e. a marriage of “Sayee”.

So they start searching for the right match. In Marathi culture, there is a tradition of ‘Kande Pohe’. Kande Pohe is a breakfast food, but when a boy comes to a girl’s house for looking girl and to meet her family the girl came in a saree in front of a boy with this Kande Pohe. So many of us have a question why do we eat Kande Pohe at this time, well it’s a tradition and we also don’t know the answer. She saw many types of boys, these are some comic scenes that everyone in the family will like to watch these scene. She doesn’t like anyone and then she goes to Kande Pohe, where nothing is impossible. Kande Pohe – a new matrimonial search, equipped with the latest technology and marketing techniques. In Kande Pohe she found Aaditya. Aaditya has love at first sight with Sayee, but Sayee has some past. Where Sayee decided to tell all about her past to the person who will be going to marry her.

Sayee told Aditya that she is a mother of a child, from her boyfriend Aniket and she is looking for a person who will accept her with her child. Here the main climax goes and gives questions to all generations in society. Sayee’s boyfriend is also ready to take her child but he died in an accident. But Sayee doesn’t want to make an abortion. Well, the story says Sayee doesn’t make any wrong but the point of view of people is wrong. Between all this Kande Pohe found trouble because of the company’s tagline “Nothing is Impossible”. So they take a risk on Sayee’s marriage.

Rajiv Patil has done a great job, we accept that the movie will run at the box office. Movie attracts the young generation, but this movie has to see my parents also who are looking for their daughters or sons right match. Where in specific scene audience predict the scene that what will happen after this scene. But the dialogue which is written by Sanjay Pawar impressed people to watch a movie and don’t talk between movies. Sai Tamhanakar who plays the role of “Sayee Paranjape” also did very impressive, as it’s the first movie of Sai. Shreyas Talpade who is the producer of the movie has been done a special appearance in the movie. Music composed by Avadhoot Gupte and weel music is rocking in Marathi campus the song “Kande Pohe”. Well, I must say that everyone sees a movie not only with friends but also with their family.

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