A Basic Guide to Camping


Now-a-days camping is becoming one of the best adventurous things to do. Camping may be a gathering of huge people in a specified place at a fixed time for a purpose like political discussion, team meeting or anything. Spending a night outside the home under a same shed with huge people is really a hilarious adventure. A camping depends on the different things like spots, basic amenities etc. These things make a camping remarkable and memorable. Camping may be of different types and vary according to their ranges.

Types of Camping:

One type of common camping is backpacking. In case of backpacking, campers generally travel on foot. Light weight backpacks are used and naturally they travel at places situated far away. The required equipments for backpacking are much more costly than car camping though it is cheaper than a trailer. So, backpacking is one of the cheapest and easiest camping. Canoe is also one type of most popular and familiar camping which is almost same as backpacking. But the main difference is that canoes are helpful for transportation and so it is widely used. During Bicycle touring, cycles are used along with equipments for travelling.

Specialised camping and Winter camping are a little bit different than the previous types of camping. Campers should be skilful to survive in any odd situations. They have to take food wildly and also have to spend night in a Bivouac bag. That’s why campers should be well trained for survival in any dangerous situations. There are many training classes to make them able to withstand to adapt under such situations and also inform trainees about local situations, flora and fauna.


For every camping most important as well as basic things are proper equipments and invaluable First- Aid kits. Proper equipments mean clothing, emergency light, cooking equipments, personal care products, tend setup necessities etc. The equipments must vary depending on one type of camping to other. But they are most vital and essential instruments to make a camping successful. One main thing is making of a perfect plan before camping. Nowadays most of the camping is becoming destructive and sorrowful due to the lack of a perfect planning which leads to an immature and unsuccessful end. So before starting a camping one of the best idea is to make a planning and a checklist before starting a camping.

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