By the onset of small cars, the buyer’s interest has changed from large cars to small ones. As a result, it has greatly affected the sales of the large cars. Let’s have a look on some of the upcoming small wonders which is expected to be launched soon.

Many new rules have been announced by the FIA for the 2009 F1 season that may change the face of F1 racing completely. Some rules provide a lot of strategy options for the various teams to play on, whereas some may degrade the quality of the game. Let’s discuss the new rules for the 2009 F1 season.

Cost cutting and power saving has been one of the most influential goal in the present world. Many F1 companies for e.g. BMW had been estimated to spend over $100 million to develop their engines. To freeze these expenditures rule had been made that one engine had to last for at least two races. But now in 2009 a different seasonal approach had been used where a car can use only a total of 8 engines for their entire season. But if a car is required to use the 9th engine, it would suffer a 10 place demotion from its qualifying positions in the starting grid. This has opened a lot of strategic decisions for the team management. A team would like to preserve its engine for the tracks in which it has the best probable chances for victory. The point system may also change to a medal format where only the number of victory a team achieves is counted regardless of the position it achieves in a race.

Mahindra two wheelers

09 Sep 2009

India is the second leading manufacturer of two-wheelers across the world. The growth of two-wheelers in India is tremendous in the recent few years. The two-wheeler industry has grown from 3 million in1998 to 8 million in 2008. Mahindra is one of the India’s leading automotive companies. Mahindra two wheelers are an added sensitive point for customers to interrelate with various Mahindra products and services. After the success in tractor selling sector, Mahindra entered to concrete their position in two-wheeler market. Mahindra 2 Wheelers manufactures and sells a complete range of two wheelers from scooters to motorcycles.