The Fact and the Fiction behind Green Tea

Green Tea

What’s up? Are you feeling ill? Are you thinking to buy green tea capsules? Then let me give an opportunity to give you some information, which may help to extract your desire from the extract of green tea. It’s not the green tea only there are some other ingredients that can help you to keep your health better. Now, to keep your body strength you may have to take 76 different types within a single mixture. It is really costly approach for your wealth.

It’s not the cost only. There also other factors to fulfil your nutrition. There exist some proper combinations for proper nutrition. Your own stomach acid sometime may appear as a barrier to your nutrition. It can deactivate many active items. So we need encapsulation which will protect the necessary items, like vitamin B.

Today, green tea capsules are available added with caffeine. Actually caffeine is known for weight losing and fat burning. According to some doctors caffeine consumption may lead to caffeinism which is undiagnosed. Though there exist some anti-anxiety or anti-depressant but the best solution is to cut off your caffeine consumption. So if you like more then you need no more caffeine.

According to some health experts, the green tea extract helps you to keep your heart and circulatory system wealthy but much consumption may also raise blood pressure high, which is a bad thing for your heart and blood vessels. So, it is clear that your benefit may turn into your losses. The green tea is recommended for diet because according to researchers you burn most calories at the time of exercise. So, it is helpful if you take it in advance. Researchers have also revealed that when you are spending your time in studies you lose very few calories. There exist some other papers also that reveal that the green tea capsules help you to lose more calories when you are in rest. Eventually, green tea capsules are not the weight loosening pill as advertisements have shown. The fact is that the green tea capsules can’t work alone, to get benefit you need proper ingredient to mix up with it.

The other way green tea helps you by preventing you from cancer. It is found that anti-oxidant helps you to keep away from cancer. So if your supplement is enriched with such things with proper ratio and within a good coating then it will surely prevent you from cancer. These all are the good news for our researcher who are trying to abolish the cancer and more over its ray of hope to us about a cancer free life.

It is often heard that in USA average life-time is increasing in the starting of century. But people living in other countries live much longer than US. Countries like Japan are involved to increase there life-span, they claim to have highest no of 100 years old people. Now the Japanese health-care system is trying to put an extreme pressure on their national health care system about this matter.

Now one question comes up. Can green tea help us to live 100 years long? The answer may be yes. But, the fact is that there exists more wonderful anti-oxidants in the market which help you to live longer than that.

No it’s not the end, one caution for you; don’t affected by the lucrative advertisement please read carefully, as you don’t want to buy a green tea capsule added with caffeine.
That’s all about green tea.

So, these are the Fact and the Fiction associated with green teas and their truth. If you have any doubts, queries, or questions, do let us know about it in the comment section below. We will surely acknowledge the same.

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