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A wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor is known as an automobile. Automobiles are designed to carry people on roads, fields, deserts etc. An armoured military vehicle armed with weapons is Military Armoured Car. They are mainly designed to drive on uneven or rocky surfaces. Military Armoured Cars are differentiated by the work they need to perform in the war fields. This differentiation may not be unique as different countries may classify them for different purposes.

One of the heaviest and mass destructive vehicles in the battle fields is the Tank. A tank is mobile, heavily laden with ammo and an aggressive weapon. Important features of the tank are a fully rotating artillery gun moving on the top and different additional weapons all over. Its protective covering is the best feature of the Tank and can gun down the enemy without much harm. Previously tanks were divided into 3 types:

Light Tanks:
They are highly mobile tanks and lightweight. They are also small in size with weak ammo and armour.

Medium Tanks:
They are of sufficient weight and adequate mobility. They also suffice in ammo and armour compared to light tanks. The main purposes of these are protection against other tanks.

Heavy Tanks:
They are very less mobile but highly laden with ammo and armour. Their main purpose is to burst through enemy weapons.

A modern tank advances all of them taking the best feature. They can cross grounds at high speed. The major disadvantage of a tank is its high fuel requirement.

Tank Destroyer:
Tank Destroyers are mainly used to provide anti-tank support and engage enemies on the battlefield. They are smaller, cheaper and faster than tanks. Tank Destroyers can even achieve high speed on the battlefields. The main gun of it cannot rotate horizontally. This gives a major disadvantage as they are more susceptible to non-frontal attacks. The major advantage of a Tank Destroyer is its lightweight, so they are easily transportable and even by air.

IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) or ICV (Infantry Combat Vehicle):
They are mainly designed to transport armed soldiers on the battlefield (about eight to ten). The first IFV appeared in the Soviet Union parade in 1967 which surprised many western countries. Apart from transport, they are equipped with firing ports and improved armour. With a 7.62mm machine gun, 20-40mm calibre, grenade launcher and missiles they can cause huge destruction to the enemies. Heavy machine guns and small arms have no effect on IFVs. The less complex armour also helps in its better movement. Examples are German Puma IFV, and Iraqi BMP-1.

Some important fighting vehicles (produced by country):


  • Tank ex
  • Arjun
  • Abhay IFV

United States:

  • M1 Abrams
  • M6 Heavy Tank
  • M3A1-A5(Medium Tank)
  • M4A3E2 Jumbo

United Kingdom:

  • Austin Armoured Car
  • Launchester AC
  • Mark I-IX
  • Cruisier MK I-VIII
  • Warrior
  • FV 1611


  • Black Eagle
  • T-95
  • T-90


  • Mitsubishi IFV Type 89
  • Type 87
  • Type 92


  • Type 58
  • Type 69 (Main battle tank)
  • Type 86 Aka WZ-501


  • Leopard I,II
  • Panther II
  • Puma IFV
  • AGF Light IFV

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