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Maruti 800 vs Tata Nano

07 Apr 2009

Maruti 800 is the bestselling car of the year 2008 produced by Maruti company. Though the looks of this car are not too good but its regular facility makes it best at its price. It is the car for congested city areas.
Tata Nano, the car best for middle class family to complete their dream of having “My Own Car”, produced by Tata, is one of the striking names in the car market in India.

Model and Design: The outer look of Maruti 800 is not so good. The plastic that is used is not so good nor is the door pocket, but the interior has a bit new look. The 4 seat interior has new dials; fabric and better looking instrument which give lightly & airy experience.

In 1984, Maruti 800 was first launched on Indian market. It was manufactured by Maruti Udyog in India. Since 1984, Maruti 800’s that have been sold in the Indian market are more than 2.5 million. Maruti 800 was one of the first city cars which have brought a new revolution in automobile space in India. It became a popular brand among the middle class families; those who are looking for low fuel consumption, high efficiency and the most important was the affordable price of the car. Maruti 800 fulfills all the requirements of most of the Indian people such as easy to park or drive through a narrow lane due to its small structure of 4.4 meters of radius. It is the car which is perfectly made for Indian roads. Maruti 800 was the largest selling car in India until Maruti Alto came to the market. Maruti 800 recently completed its silver jubilee in India. It is also exported to a number of foreign countries which includes South Eastern Asia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.