Apart from releasing gases, particles and liquids into the atmosphere, we humans produce waste which is dumped into the environment. In most cases, this kind of waste is very hazardous and risky for nature as well as

Healthy eating is not possible without properly handling and cooking of food. Many of the recent outbreaks related to contaminated food have resulted in unexpected fatalities. The following guidelines will help you to prepare, cook, and store the food properly.

Wash your hands carefully and clean working surfaces (with bleach) when you are handling meat.

Wash poultry thoroughly, inside and outside. Cook meat thoroughly.

The physical activity is more important in sports. The current emphasis on and interest in fitness has brought many people (like us) into fitness programs. A major problem for many is sticking with it; in many programs up to 50 percent of participants quit within six months. People more likely to drop out include those who smoke, have low self-motivation, lack social reinforcement, and believe that additional exercise is unnecessary.


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