Digital Radiography - The Medical Wonder!One reason for the immense popularity of digital x-ray machines is that they use no film and hence they can take many more pictures at a time than the film cameras could. Also, the x-ray taken by a digital system requires only 10-15 seconds to process and a single patient can be examined in just four to five minutes, which means that the number of patents that each such machine can handle is much more than before.

Have you ever wondered how can seemingly regular habits and malpractices be increasing your chances of succumbing to cancer? No one wants to be a victim of the deadly cancer disease but have you ever thought how can you reduce your chances of cancer occurring to you and your loved ones?

Having a healthy diet is the first step to having a life without the fear of a cardiac arrest. By avoiding food which is harmful to the heart, you can reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack significantly. There are a number of food items that you must consume regularly in order to keep your heart healthy and strong.


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