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Gate examination is organized to council the students’ merit to choose who is eligible for a master’s or doctorate in technology and engineering. The gate examination is considered one of the highly ranked and prestigious competitive exams. The GRADUATE APTITUDE TEST IN ENGINEERING is abbreviated as ‘GATE’. This exam is hosted by the organization comprising of IISC and seven Indian institutes of technology (IITs). It is organized according to the BRITISH system.


Every year a huge bunch of engineers apply for this exam but only a few are eligible as compared to the mass used for it. Some specific eligibility criteria are –

  • One must be a bachelor’s in engineering (B-Tech, B-Arch, B-Pharma, or B.E.) or a master’s in science.
  • One must secure an aggregate of 60 %( first class) for the general caste and 50% for the scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, and other backward classes.
  • Special seats are reserved for physically challenged candidates.
  • Engineering students can apply in their last semester.


This exam is completely based on the basic syllabus of engineering which covers the syllabus of engineering from 1st year to 4th year according to their stream. This exam paper is of 100 marks and consists of 60 questions.
This exam is organized annually. The duration of the exam is three hours. This year it was held on February 9, 2009 – IIT Rookie. The GATE rank remains valid till the next year’s GATE exam.


There are many competitive exams all over INDIA but one of the most important exams is the GATE because it not only provides us with higher education as masters but also it prepares a student to gain full and complete knowledge about his stream and subject. From GATE a student gets a chance to do M.E. or M-Tech which diverts a student towards academic and tutorial and research-based lines. It not only enhances a student’s career but also works as a country’s asset as it provides a country with more and well-educated professors. Thus the educational background of a country gets uplifted. On the other hand, CAT, MAT, and JEMAT give a student the opportunity to study MBA, which is no doubt a very good line but it emphasizes industrialization, which is required for the development of the country and industries, students need to be well focused and well educated. The job of developing the qualities of students depends on the Faculties (mostly the students of M-Tech). Thus, this exam is most important as compared to all the exams. It also trains the faculties of other courses.

So, going for GATE is better as it holds higher precedence over the other competitive exams.

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