Drained emotions and lives

The room was dimly lit
They sat in a circle facing each other. Three of them were weeping and the other two remained blank
They spoke in hushed tones, fumbling and stammering. They avoided making eye contact as they were bleeding guilt… the calls were made. It would all be over in a matter of minutes. they would all be captured and led to hell- remand homes.
One of them looked up and spoke.

She spoke of love
How perfect she felt in his arms. How she could look into his eyes forever.
They would walk down the beach every night
She could still hear his voice some nights. See his perfect face when he smiled.
Her smile faded as she spoke
She was happy till that dreadful night
When he called up to say they were not going to work as he didn’t find her feelings true.
She went up to his room and shot him

The next spoke of hatred
He felt for his elder brother
How he had been the reason for their parent’s separation
His brother was the one who had created the rift between his mom and dad
He knew his mom was innocent
She could never cheat on his dad as his brother said
The marks on her body petrified him
The next night he stabbed his brother to death

The next girl spoke of envy
Envy she felt for her neighbor
They had been good friends as kids
Both grew up to be totally different people
How much she craved to be like her now! Her neighbor would pick at her or insult her in every possible way. she was living a life full of humiliation.
She wanted to get over with it.
The next day in school she brought lunch for her neighbor like always.
This time she added some of her stolen cyanide to her coke
She choked and it was done

They next spoke of betrayal
How his own best friend had turned his back
All for a girl. All because of a girl.
The compassion between them had turned to hatred within minutes.
He hadn’t tried to kiss her, to touch her. he thought well of her until that night.
Her love for his friend was shallow and he knew it.
Before he could tell about it to his friend, she had already convinced his friend. He was proven wrong. His friend said he was disgusted. By him and his friendship.
The next night he went to the girl’s house. His hands found her neck. She was dead in a few minutes.

The last one spoke of revenge
She was shocked, shattered and broken
She believed in him, he was the only one who understood her at school.
A perfect father-figure in her life which she had always yearned for
He wasn’t just a teacher. He was her way of life. The way she spoke, dressed or even walked was influenced by him. She was dazzled by his passion in his lectures.
That one afternoon it all came crashing down.
When she asked him for help. She was stuck with a particular chapter and he said he’d be delighted to help her.
He latched the door and all went wrong at that very moment
She went home feeling numb. Her senses were gone, her emotions had vanished.
That night she lit up his place and his screams from the house soothed her. he didn’t survive.

They looked at each other and smiled.
They knew what they had done. It was wrong yet it felt right.
They had no one who would know how strong their emotions were. They would be misunderstood.
They held each other close with warmth and understanding. The guilt didn’t prick them anymore.
They all were in their teens yet they had a given meaning to their lives. with nothing to fear of, nothing to hide.
They smiled once again as they heard the footsteps approaching them.

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