Neogenics (Eugenics?) in a nut-shell


What Is Neogenics: It is applied to human genetics for alleviating human suffering and for improving our gene pool.

What can we achieve:

  • Neogenics bridges the genetic gap for certain superior traits between the rich and the poor, the urban and the rural populations, and between developed and underdeveloped nations. The gap occurs because of the selective migration of the superior genetic stock from the poor to the rich, from the rural to the urban areas, and from the underdeveloped to the developed nations.
  • Biological socialism leads to economic socialism. All attempts to date to achieve economic socialism by forcing Marxism/communism failed in socialist countries. Capitalist countries witnessed considerable economic progress but failed miserably in the equitable distribution of wealth. Biological socialism is the only hope to bridge the gap in wealth between the rich and the poor in a democratic way.
  • Neogenic is for increasing the number of good minds and reducing crimes, corruption, cruelty, etc., for social transformation. Hitherto attempts to transform society through admonitions and punishments have not yielded any perceptible and lasting results. Genetic transformation of society will assure lasting peace and harmony.
  • Racial mingling through neogenic will put an end to violence on racial grounds.
  • By reducing the incidence of genetically transferable diseases (most of the diseases have a genetic base), a drastic improvement in health and a reduction in medical expenditure is possible.
  • Tribal welfare and upliftment. Attempts for the upliftment of the tribal people failed in many countries and a genetic course is the best method for this goal.
  • Raising the IQ level of the average population according to the needs of a civilized and technologically advanced society. The benefits of ascending IQ in a population are rather beyond our imagination.
  • Neogenics is the only method now available to correct genetic disorders to protect the right of the unborn. A child has a legal right to begin life with a sound mind and body. All this will reduce human suffering and put the human race on a progressive evolutionary track which nature was doing for the last several millions of years. It may be noted that we are the only species capable of directing our evolution in a manner that suits our wisdom and for the betterment of our less fortunate fellow citizens and species as a whole. How to achieve:
  • Encourage the production of more children among healthy and gifted couples.
  • Discourage the reproduction of habitual criminals, the mentally challenged, and the sick.
  • Start sperm/egg banks for the benefit of the ten to twelve percent infertile couples and for those daring couples who want to bring about improvement of the genetic stock of their future generations.
  • Popularize genetic screening and genetic counseling to prevent genetically transmitted diseases

All the above steps may be needed till the advancement of genetic engineering reaches a level that enables the genetic transformation of a society or individual through gene therapy, cloning, or other means yet to be discovered or envisaged.

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