Tips For Buying A Golf Club

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Are you of the opinion the more money that you shell out on buying golf club the better it will be? You are completely wrong with this assumption. A necessary golf club isn’t necessarily the right golf club for you and your style of play. There are numerous manufacturers of golf clubs in the market and getting confused with the huge array of choices is normal.

This article aims to guide you through the process of buying a golf club by 3 simple tips.

The Shaft & Shaft Flex

The shaft is the axle of the club and the rule is very simple when it comes to choosing it. The better the shaft, the better will be the club. The shaft flex has a major effect on the performance of the golf club. It also affects the distance the golf club can cover. You must know your swing speed before choosing the right shaft flex. In case you don’t know what the speed is, ask the shopkeeper to measure it for you. The table for choosing a shift flex according to your swing speed is given below.

Swing Speed

Driver Carry Distance

Type Of Flex


60 mph or below (100 kmph)

180 yds.

Ladies Flex

3 Iron or Wood

60-75 mph (100-120 kmph)

180-210 yds.

Senior or A Flex

4 Iron

75-85 mph (120-135 kmph)

210-240 yds.

Regular Flex

5 or 6 Iron

85-95 mph (135-150 kmph)

240-260 yds.

Stiff Flex

6 or 7 Iron

Above 95mph (above 150 kmph)

Over 260 yds.

X-Stiff Flex

8 or 9 Iron

Shallow Face Metal Woods

Shallow face metal woods are specifically recommended for golfers looking to improve their game during the early stages of their carrier. These clubs are extremely accurate and it is very easy to hit. The fact that the shallow face metal woods have a low center of gravity, it helps these clubs to be accurate and easy to hit. There are numerous brands in the market which sell shallow face metal wood golf clubs and these are extremely affordable.

Beginners And Novice Players

Are you a beginner looking for the right golf club for your golfing games? The first thing that you should do is get rid of the 2. 3 and 4 iron set golf clubs from your caddy. Replace these rejected clubs with hard to hit hybrid golf clubs with #3 and #5. You can get beginners and novice players’ sets from all the major manufacturers of golf clubs. To make things easier for you, these come with a complete iron / hybrid set for your convenience. These beginner and novice players’ sets are a great bargain considering the usability they provide in lieu of the money that you pay for it.

Now that you are enlightened about the basics of choosing your first golf club, go out and get one for yourself. Those 18 holes are waiting for you!

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