Your Guide to Choosing a Cricket Bat


Are you interested in buying a cricket bat but don’t know how to choose one? It can be a very confusing task considering the fact that the market is populated by numerous brands selling bats over a huge price range and other specifications. This guide aims to help you choose a cricket bat with ease; just remember these points and you will know which bat to choose.

The Wood Used For Making The Bat

This is one aspect of the bat that should never be ignored. But at the same time ensure that you are not spending mindlessly in your pursuit to get the bat with the best wood. Traditionally cricket bats are made of either Kashmiri Willow or English Willow. Kashmiri Willow bats are comparatively cheaper than their English brothers. In case you are at a growing age, try to choose a bat that is made of a decent quality of Kashmiri Willow. English Willow bats should be left for using when you have grown up. There are a number of varieties in each type of willow too. Choose one that meets your budget.

The Size

The size of the bat can have two further aspects to it.

Size Of The Handle

Choose a long handle for your bat in case your style of batting relies heavily on the swing of the bat. It is particularly recommended for batsmen who play a hard hitting game. A shorter handle should be your choice in case you are a defensive batsman by nature.

Size Of The Plate

The width of the plate (the surface of the bat with which you hit a ball) also depends on your style of batting. A hard hitting batsman is recommended to use a bat with a thick plate and vice versa.

You can go through a table of sizes that is recommended according to your age and height. These charts will be available at any sports shop, go through them in order to ensure that your bad doesn’t end up being too big or too small for your comfort.

The Manufacturer

The market is littered with numerous manufacturers of quality cricket bats and they offer them to you at varying prices. Choose a well-known brand in order to ensure that you get a guarantee on your purchase and also assured quality. At the same time, in case you are young and still growing in height, it is recommended that you refrain from buying a very costly bat. Soon you will find that you have outgrown it and you need a new bat. It is recommended that you purchase your choice of cricket bat from a well-known sports store and refrain buying them from local shady shops.

In case you have a coach for guiding you with your batting skills, take his advice before you decide to buy a cricket bat. If possible, ask him to come along to choose one for you. In case you are choosing a bat for recreational purpose and casual cricket games, choose one that feels perfect in your hands.

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