Traveling and luggage are the two inseparable terms. Any sort of material you are carrying with you during a journey is luggage. The weight of luggage depends on the type of journey. It contains your useful materials (depends on what type of trip you are performing), accessories, toiletries, clothing, medicines etc. If you look back in the past, luggage used were heavy due to weighty bags and heavy trunks. But in recent times, it became light weight because of light but strong bag.

Luggage Types:
Trunk: The trunks are made of wood, steel or any other hard materials. They were widely used luggage carrier at past. Today they are also used but for transporting fragile goods and not for personal use.

Suitcase: Today, it is an extensively used luggage. It has replaced the trunk for personal luggage. It is found with or without wheels. It may be hard or soft. Due to its light weight, it has made its popularity.

Hand bags: It is also one of the widely used luggage in recent. As its name refers, it is used for carrying personal items or currency. Its stunning looks make it popular among women. The hand bags are found in varieties of different styles. They are made of various materials in combinations to give different textures. The Duffel bags are a little larger than hand bags carried by our shoulder. The some other lucrative variation of hand bags are Wings, Hartmann, 19in, Sexy Metal etc.

Roll able luggage: Roll able luggage goes after its name. The luggage you can roll is called Roll able luggage. Actually, it is a heavy weight luggage like big bags or trunk and so wheels make it easy to roll.

Tote: You carry this type of luggage on your shoulder. The main advantage of Tote is that it is designed in such a way that it can distribute the total weight to the whole part of your body. So, you can carry a lot of weight with ease.

Size Matters: The packing style also plays a great role to decrease your luggage weight. The dimension depends on the length of the edges. The over-staffing may cause bulging. You may have to end up your journey due to large checklist. The airport security departments also deny you because of large size. The main thing is that they check your bag with the help of X-Rays. So, the dimension of your bag should be proper to fit with X-screening.

Rucksack is also efficient to carry luggage. The advantage to carry backpacks is that it keeps your hands free so that you can carry other things. You can keep your ID, passports or any other useful papers in your rucksack. One more advantage to be with a backpack is that it can fit within the cabin’s overhead compartment of an aircraft and beneath the sit.

It is now very easy and cheap to transport luggage. All kinds of traveling agencies have made is easier to carry luggage. They have people who care for your luggage and transport it to its destination.

Though carrying luggage is now very convenient but still carrying large amount of luggage may be harmful to you. Lastly, one extra bit of suggestion, “Keep your eye on your luggage because there may be a third eye on it”.

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