The term marketing myopia is not just a term used in marketing but a paper written by Theodore Levitt, the paper first published in 1960 by the Harvard Business review where he was an editor.

Is A DTAA Enough?

10 Jan 2012

Indian is apparently edging closer to determining and appropriating the undeclared wealth of Indians stashed away in secret numbered accounts in Switzerland, going by the recent amendment to the two countries

Marketing strategy is a strategy that is used to promote and sell a service or product that your business holds. Such strategies include buy one get one free deals on products that you offer. Other examples could include a free product or service with a different item. You could use this if you owned a company such as a sub shop.

Let’s say you walk in and order an 8 inch sub sandwich and with that purchase you get a free bag of chips. This is just one step in a marketing strategy.