Why Maruti 800 is so popular on Indian Roads?


In 1984, Maruti 800 was first launched on the Indian market. It was manufactured by Maruti Udyog in India. Since 1984, Maruti 800s have been sold in the Indian market are more than 2.5 million. Maruti 800 was one of the first city cars which have brought a new revolution in the automobile space in India. It became a popular brand among middle-class families; those who are looking for low fuel consumption, high efficiency, and most important the affordable price of the car. Maruti 800 fulfills all the requirements of most Indian people such as easy to park or drive through a narrow lane due to its small structure of 4.4 meters of radius. It is a car which is perfectly made for Indian roads. Maruti 800 was the largest-selling car in India until Maruti Alto came to the market. Maruti 800 recently completed its silver jubilee in India. It is also exported to a number of foreign countries which includes South Eastern Asia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc.

Features of Maruti 800:

  • Configuration – The configuration of the Maruti 800 includes 3335mm length, 1440 width, and 1405 height. The distance between the two front wheels is 1215 mm and between the two rear wheels is 1200mm. The gross weight of Maruti 800 is 1000 kg. The seating capacity of the car is up to 4 persons. Maruti 800 is found in two different formats, one is AC and another is non-AC.
  • Engine – Maruti 800 produces 37 bph (28 kW) of power approximately. The engine consists of a 4-gear, 4-stroke, and 800 ccs water-cooled engine. It consists of three two-valve cylinders. The pistol displacement is 796cc. Maruti800 consists of a fuel tank with a capacity of 28 liters for petrol but for LPG it is 19.2 liters.
  • Comfort and Design – Maruti800 has gone through a number of modifications regarding its look for many years. To make the car more attractive, clear lens multi-reflector headlights have been added to it. The car consists of striking indicators as well as outside rear-view mirrors. In AC cars, green-tinted glasses are present. The newly added feature is dual-tone interiors. The front of the car is of stylish trapezoid look. When it comes to the capacity of the car, the thinner and narrower seats allow 4 persons to seat comfortably.
  • Interiors – The new stylish look of the car make people attracted to it. It has sliding front seats, new head restraints, a glove compartment, and a front door pocket. Maruti 800 comes with floor and room carpets, airflow controls, side impact beams, front wipers, a windshield washer, and a Headlamp leveling device. Inside the car, there are 3 cabin lights present at different positions.
  • Ride and handling – Maruti 800 is specially designed for Indian roads. The car is perfectly suited for all types of journeys on Indian roads. It provides smooth driving in crowded areas or on a narrow lane. It is easy to handle and the maintenance cost is very low.
  • Safety – Due to the presence of a specially allocated crumple zone that absorbs the impact of accident, Maruti 800 provides a safe journey. It is equipped with front and rear seat belts to provide further safety.

For all of the above features of the Maruti 800, it has won the hearts of millions of Indians. Maruti 800 is by far the best car on Indian roads.

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