Introduction to finance

Finance can be defined as anything and everything related to monetary matters. It is the science of management of money. It deals with businesses, cash, stocks, shares, debentures, non-liquid assets, funding; almost anything that comes to your mind when you think of money and property. Investments, credits, loans; all fall within the expanse of the word. It is the major factor which decides the power and position of a nation globally; and it is the most dynamic one too.

The Beginning

But never before has the finance world seen a greater turmoil and lesser stagnation than today. There was a similar depression in the year 1929, which stretched for around 10 years in various countries, and caused major economic downturns everywhere in the world. However, the economic problems today are greater in expanse and magnitude.

Sales Tax Planning

15 Mar 2009

Generally, when you buy some commodities from market or use certain services, a consumption tax charged when you are going to purchase those goods or services. This tax is generally called sales tax. The sales tax is set by the government. National government, state government or even local municipality and other administrative bodies can charge this tax. In the market, you can obviously find products marked tax-inclusive (tax that is included in the selling price) and tax-exclusive (tax that is added to the original product price at the point of sale).

Before you buy a rental property what should you consider?

Why do you think of investing in share market when a more profitable business is investing in buying a rental property? A look at the financial commitment which has an active role in maintaining the property would be helpful. And this should be done before you decide buy a rental property. It is barely risky in investing on a rental property, whereas, investing in shares is very market dependent and therefore very risky.

What should you consider before buying a rental property?