Top Five Wicket-Keepers

06 Oct 2009

Wicket-keepers are the most essential asset of a team. All the 11 players together combine to form a team and their collective effort can only win matches for them. But still the main responsibilities lie on the shoulder of the wicket-keeper.

There are a number of batsmen and bowlers a team possesses but every team has got a single wicket-keeper. He is the key player in the side because it is he who mostly earns wickets for a bowler and also bats for the team when its necessary.

There are many good keepers but to be in top 5 they need to have some extra quality in them. Keepers are mainly ranked according to the maximum number of dismissals they made.

T20: A Better Cricket

30 Aug 2009

T20 is the new born baby in the old traditional family of cricket. The main objective of this tournament is to entertain people by the fast cricket & lots of other entertainments. The best thing is that it takes too much short time. If we compare it with movie then it will never take much extra time than a full length movie. So this power pact format of cricket has really won the hearts of a million people.

Today, there are three kinds of popular cricket matches. Test cricket, one-day cricket & brand new T20 cricket. Nowadays people are very busy. They can’t see full cricket matches due to lack of time. So it was necessary to start such kind of game which not only saves our time but also entertains.

Basketball is one of the most demanding sports. It involves quick changes in speed and direction of running. It is a 32 minute game, the heart of which is running. The statement that you need to run around 4 miles in the 32 minute duration of the game will give you an idea of the stamina and energy required for the game. You need to chase players, run after the ball through out the court. This running includes chasing players, sprinting up and down the court and jump to give a basket. Tall players have an advantage over short players in this game. Shooting the lay-up depends on the situation to have an advantage over other players. Shooting the same types of lay-up is not worth doing.