You Can’t Stop Us, Nike Ad Goes Viral in Just A Few Hours

Nike Ad

The latest Nike Ad is virtually breaking the web with twenty two million individuals viewing it on YouTube as of Saturday evening once it simply launched on weekday. several netizens ar all praise for the ad being associate degree ennobling one action on messages of perseverance and inclusiveness.

What’s Making the Nike Ad so Popular?

Nike Ad 1
Source: Nike YouTube

The 90-second ad labelled ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ has been recommended for the sheer beauty in its piece of writing. It stitches along pairs of sport persons or athletes from varied games on thirty six split-screen frames, creating every try look like one person. The ad depicts race equality, gender equality, perseverance and hope, all quickly. within the wake of assorted international sporting events being off, this ad has been launched at the proper time. The video tells individuals to not be discouraged, instead rise to the challenge of transfer sporting events back in post-COVID times.

The Agency Behind the Advertisement

For long, Nike has been a shopper of 1 of the world’s largest freelance advertising agencies – Wieden + Kennedy. With headquarters in Portland, Wieden Kennedy has developed several of Nike’s previous ads together with ‘Dream Crazy’, celebrating thirty years of Nike’s simply know program, and ‘Here I Am’ portraying twenty two stories of Nike girls. Incidentally, the far-famed tagline ‘Just Do It’ was additionally coined by one in all the ad firm’s founders – Dan Wieden. It’s very no surprise that the agency has captured truth essence of the whole in each moment of its latest ad.

Creating the Masterpiece

It is aforementioned that the Wieden+Kennedy’s Portland team had to succumb to viewing 4000 sequences of sports actions across as a range of sports to finally choose seventy two actions that might be paired. With actually admirable piece of writing, the ultimate results of thirty six split-screen frames contains a try of athletes mirroring their actions to appear like they’re one person. Narrated by athlete Meghan Rinapoe, the video additionally options Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, Colin Kaepernick and Serene Williams among others.

Even with the viewership being thus high, the video has been criticized, albeit a lot of for the whole instead of its content. In past years, Nike had been condemned as a ‘sweatshop’ with factories in China using slave labour. however that also hasn’t stopped individuals from seeing this advertising marvel from Nike. Sports has everlastingly brought individuals of all races along. And this {can be} primarily what the ad implies by language ‘Nothing can stop Sport. as a result of you simply can’t stop U.S.A..’

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