Steps to Heal Stone Chips’ Damage from Your Car’s Bonnet


Are you tired of seeing a stone chip ridden car which acts as an eyesore? Don’t worry! You needn’t go to the servicing center every time you have stone chips stuck in your car. Multiple visits to the servicing center can be very costly and time consuming. No doubt about the fact that it will be very inconvenient for you to make multiple rides without your favorite car.

So what should you be doing? Try out these 3 simple steps for removing any damage that the nasty stone chips left on your car’s bonnet.

Clean Out The Area

You must clean out the bonnet area of your car using a strong cleaner. This will help you to remove any rust occurrence in the scarred area of your bonnet incase the chip has gone through your bonnet. It is important to remove any dust and residue from the area because when you will repaint the bonnet in order to hide the scar of the stone chip, it might not adhere to the surface if it is not properly cleaned. If the stone chip has gone too deep through the body of the metal, take care to remove the dust from the walls of the wound on the bonnet. Use a damp cloth at the end of a stick or a knife for this purpose. While doing this you must ensure that you don’t cause any further damage to the bonnet.

If rust has already set into the affected area of the bonnet, you must scrap it off with a sharp object. Take care to completely remove all traces of rust from the area. After all the rust has been removed you must cover the area with an anti-rusting agent like curite, kurust, etc. The rusting agent will act as a stable surface on which you can apply paint.

Select The Paint

When you will get your car painted, the new layer of paint will be applied on previous (multiple) layers of already existing paint on the body of the car. You must use a layer of paint in order to touch up this existing layer of paint. You must choose a paint that is very thin in density. Choosing a thicker paint might result in too blobby patches which will make getting a smooth finish way more difficult. Use the ‘nail varnish’ paint and paintbrush for this purpose.

Base Coat

It is very important to get the base coat of the car’s paint right. Failing to do this will result in ugly patches on your car. It is recommended that you must use a light color base for the light top colored cars and a dark colored base for the dark top colored cars. Wipe away any excess blobs of paint from the area on the bonnet and leave it for an hour to dry up.

Remember that these steps to hide the damage on your car are time consuming and will need patience from you.

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