3 Idiots – review – have you seen it ?

3 Idiots – review – have you seen

3 Idiots. What a name to choose for a movie! And yes, What a movie! When I first heard of this movie and saw a couple of on-air promos, I dint really liked it. I never liked the poster showing Amir, Madhavan, and the other guy sitting on huge buttock-shaped chairs. All in all, all the promotions for the movie had a negative effect on me, triggered by the name of the film itself.

But then one fine day – actually one fine night, I got really bored and thought of watching some movie online. So I looked up google for some Hindi movies worth watching, and moovyshoovy told me to give 3 Idiots a try. I got hooked from almost the first scene. Such brilliant performances by everyone, and what struck me was the story. It was like one of those novels which I used to be addicted to some years ago. Once you start reading the book, you cannot put it down, you are forced to turn page after page. Well, talking of books 3 Idiots is somewhere based on Chetan Bhagat’s debut novel – 5 Point Someone, which deals with the life of an IIT’ian.

The 3 idiots in this Hindi movie are 1 – Ranchordas Shamaldas Chanchad – alias Rancho – alias – Mr. S.W – alias Aamir Khan, 2 – Farhaan Qureshi – alias Madhavan, and 3 – Raju Rastogi – alias Sharman Joshi. They are classmates in an engineering college that has Viru Sahastrabudhhe – alias Boman Irani as principal. The first scene of Boman Irani in 3 Idiots reminded me of his first scene in Munnabhai MBBS – where he had a very memorable introduction of himself as J dot Asthana. Coming back to the story, the three idiots come quite close during their time in college, after which Rancho suddenly disappears. The rest of the story revolves around where could he be, a search for him 10 years down the line, all packed with loads of laughter.

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