Indian Animation Films

Indian Animation FilmsIndia is creating its own mark in the field of animation. Animation Films in India are becoming famous all over the globe. Indian Animation is observing a large change presently with the help of Indian Animation films. India is becoming the largest as well as newest animation center. The entertainment giants like Walt Disney, Sony, and Warner Brothers are outsourcing more cartoon and animated characters to India and are getting satisfying results. As a result, they are signing more contracts with India’s animation companies. There are some companies giving animation contracts to India for computer games. Perhaps the future of Indian Animated Films is dazzling. The major centers of animation in India are the cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Animation Companies in India:

There are many companies working day and night in this field. The companies are Toonz animation, Maya Entertainment, Crest communication, UTV Toons, Silvertoon Studio, Acropetal, Heart Animation, etc.
These animation companies have their own studios for films and are well equipped with animation software like 3D Max, SGI, Softimage, Dreamweaver, etc, and also with well-trained manpower.
These companies are getting lots of projects regarding animation from the United States, Europe, and many other foreign countries.

Immigration of Animation projects to India:

At Toonz Animation studio, a large number of artists and technicians are working on the film named “Tommy and Oscar”. The film is produced by an Italian producer. The film is near the stage of completion.
A New Zealand company had outsourced a lot of work to Nipuna Services. It is a branch of Satyam Computer Services.
Many major animation projects are going on in different studios in India.

Reason for Outsourcing in India:

They are as follows:-

  • Good English power: – Animation is fully connected with the English Language. India has created vastly skilled manpower in the animation market through various training seasons.
  • High-quality Studios: – After Hollywood, India has the second largest entertainment industry. As a result studios with huge manpower, low cost, and high quality are easily available.
  • Low cost: – With respect to foreign countries, Indian Animation Technicians work at a cheap cost. That is why maximum foreign countries outsource their projects to India.

Animation films in India:

A fully featured animation film in India costs nearly $15 million to $25 million. This ransom amount is not a joke. Recently, Bollywood is launching a number of animated films under various banners. Till a few years back the producers did not have the guts to produce an animated film. The first animated film in India was launched a few years back by the name of “Hanuman”. After the success of Hanuman, many films like Hanuman Returns-Sequel of Hanuman, Krishna, Roadside Romeo, Dashavatar, Ghatotkach, Jumbo, and my Friend Ganesha were released. Walt Disney with the famous Yashraj films launched an animated film “Roadside Romeo”. The main male and female animated character voices were given by Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. As a result, this film received good publicity. In the film, “Jumbo” voice was given by Akshay Kumar.
“Bhaggmati – The Queen of Fortunes” is India’s first full-length animated film. It is a film that has living characters for the first time.
The upcoming animated movies are Toonpur ka Super Hero, Sultan: The Warrior, Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena 2.0, Mahayoddha Arena, and Arjun.
But animated films in India are not making business. Though much money is spent on publicity still the films are struggling at the box office. Animation films like Roadside Romeo were made under the banner of Yash Raj Films but still, the film couldn’t make business in India. So let’s hope for a bright future for Indian Animation Films.

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