How to Tattoo for the First-timer


Getting yourself tattooed is one of the most exciting and important decisions that you might decide to take. Everyone seems to get tattooed now-a-days and there is no reason why you should be the one who will not catch up with the trend.

But tattooing, as much as it comes across as a not so serious affair, it is in contrary. The reason is that a tattoo is more or less a permanent feature on your body. The process of removing a tattoo is very expensive and pain staking. So in practice, a tattoo is one of the most permanent additions that you might choose on your anatomy. Something as important as this must be done with extreme caution and planning. This guide aims to help you out with the basics:

Choosing the Design

It is very important that you choose a design that reflects your personality and likes and dislikes. The last thing you want to get done is a design that you thought look cool on someone else and you liked it though it doesn’t say anything about you. A tattoo being a permanent feature on your skin must reflect the character that you are. Avoid getting your partner’s name tattooed as in case you decide to split and be with someone else, it will be a very embarrassing situation for all parties involved. Avoid designs inspired by things that are transient in nature. Give this a very sincere thought.

Choosing the Artist

The internet and your local market will be bustling with tattoo designers who come cheap and offer attractive prices. Be very wary of them. Tattoo designing is an expensive process requiring expensive tools. So the person, who is offering it for cheap, must have some hidden interests. Also the truth is that a good designer doesn’t come easy and you would surely want the best to design the permanent mark on your body. Check with other tattoo enthusiasts of your area to find out which is the most trusted artist.

Proper Care

Tattooing involves needles and other machineries that design your skin with the ink. It is of utmost importance that you take good care to ensure that the needles and other accessories that are being used have been properly sterilized and meets the standards. There are cases of customers being infected with HIV and other serious diseases when they have ignored finding out the quality of the needle used. Tattooing also requires immense care after it has been inked. This is because of the fact that when you get tattooed your epithelial layer of the skin gets damaged. You must take proper care of it till the time the layer heals. This will ensure your post tattooing experience is a pain free one.

Getting yourself tattooed is one of the best feelings that you can have and one that you would enjoy more if it is painless and hassle free. Follow these basic guidelines while deciding to get tattooed. For further assistance and detailed guidance you should always consult with tattoo enthusiasts on various online forums and local reputed tattoo artists.

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