Tips On Business Style!


Fashion and style often change and reflect a person’s social class in old days. These days fashion and style have become the religion

of people. A person should know to carry himself properly for different occasions. Wherever you go, you should make sure that you look smart, competent, and organized, and also should reflect your own style.

A woman derives a sense of empowerment and authority when she dresses up sharply. It also helps in boosting their confidence and builds an image in the workplace. A high professional standard can be maintained by dressing up correctly. Good corporate attire may not be a guarantee for achievement, but it certainly helps! Below are a few business styling tips for women:

  • Treat business clothing as an investment and choose wisely in classic styles that fit your body type, are comfortable, and are made of high-quality material. This is no time to try out the latest fads.
  • Match shoes with bags.
  • Invest in a good light jacket in beige or lack, or in good plain pashminas in the same color, if your office is heavily air-conditioned. Restrain from borrowing your male colleague’s baggy sweatshirts!
  • Accessorize with a discreet gold chain.
  • Wear a good belt where there are belt loops. If you don’t like belts, don’t buy pants with loops.
  • Keep your makeup light. The furthest you can go is eyeliner. If you like dark lipstick, keep your eye makeup to a minimum.
  • Chipped nail polish, chapped lips, messy toenails, and greasy hair, is an absolute no-no.
  • A plunging neckline may be a distraction for others and a cause of discomfort for you.
  • Always keep chewing gum and/or mints in your desk drawer. Chances are you have to talk and communicate a lot at work.
  • Invest in a good quality bag in a classic design, big enough to carry a wallet, makeup kit, diary, business cards, and mobile phone.
  • Even your lunch box should be a style statement. Pick a nice jute bag in muted colors, and treat yourself to good-quality containers. Plastic is far from elegant.
  • Short skirts, low-cut tops; etc should be avoided at the workplace. Such kind of revealing clothes sounds unprofessional and will not be accepted in many workplaces.
  • One should always look for comfort and practicality. Always stylish yet comfortable clothing should be preferred.
  • It’s the small things that matter a lot. You should always make sure that the shoes you wear are properly cleaned and also the shirt you wear is properly pressed.
  • The definition of being stylish does not only count on looking your best but you should also eliminate all the stress from your life. So that you look confident from both, inside and outside.
  • While shopping for skirts and pants make sure that the same do not get wrinkled easily and also are well tailored.
  • You should be extra careful about the length of the skirt you opt to wear in the office. The skirt should at least cover your legs to knees and also while you sit, the skirt should cover your thigh.

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