How to treat Minor injuries?

minor injury

Health is Wealth. This famous proverb justifies that every human being should look after their health. Today’s generation is known to be the busiest generation. These days people especially teenagers engage themselves in sports and a number of athletic activities. The occurrence of minor injuries is a common thing in

everyone’s life. But is it necessary to visit a doctor every time for minor injuries? Certainly not! Instead, minor injuries can be easily handled at your doorstep. But people tend to get confused and look for ways to heal their minor injuries.

Burns & Cuts:

The most tricky and confusing among all the minor injuries are cuts and burns.

With cuts, one should try to slow down the bleeding and apply pressure. It is very essential to remove the debris, if any, by rinsing the wound carefully. You should press the edges of the wound and carefully place a bandage on it, but only if the bleeding has slowed down and the wound itself is not very deep. While placing the bandage you should also apply a lotion or an antibacterial spray. If you fail to do this, then you should quickly seek medical attention.
If you are burnt, then proper medical care is of utmost importance. Burns are of many types. If you are suffering from light sunburns which appear on the surface of the skin or if you had brief contact with some hot images, then firstly you should try to cool down your skin and then apply a light layer of antibacterial ointment. If your skin has started peeling then grab medical attention as soon as possible. Infections can set in due to bacteria with just a single touch. Hence, you should be very careful and should not remove any loose skin. In case of chemical and electrical burns, you should not take any chances and should visit the doctor’s clinic as soon as possible.


You may often wonder what causes bruises i.e. discoloration of the skin. When the outer skin is affected due to the damage suffered by the capillaries carrying blood to the soft tissues, in such case bruises or discoloration appear on the surface of the skin. Blood starts pooling under the surface while the capillaries break. The skin becomes tender and easily swells, hence you should avoid touching the surface. Applying ice for about 15-20 minutes on the bruised area is a good cure. With time, the capillaries will start healing and the changing colors will start fading. This is how bruising will go away. But if swelling blocks your movements, then quickly seek medical help.

Strains and Sprains:

The most common minor injury that people tend to have these days is strains and sprains. Muscles often get overexerted when playing or working. A simple warm-up before any extreme physical activity helps you to deal with this injury. Every muscle and tendon of the human body has a limit of extension. If the muscle is extended beyond the limit, then Strain may take place. A sprain is confined only to the joints surrounded by ligaments and muscles. Swelling can be minimized by the application of ice. Medical attention should be promptly given.

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