Gemini 2009 Horoscope – Based on your Moon Sign


GEMINI ( May 22- Jun. – 21 )

Geminis are active and center of all the activities they dive into. Their quick wit and self confidence will help them change what ever they don’t like and can fix up issues in the time of emergency.

Your education interests may vary but your education will be good whatever field you divulge into. You will have ups and downs with respect for your health. On an average health will be ok this year. Don’t over tax yourself. Relax a bit.

The desire to earn much will be all time high and they will be equally good in their spendings. You think more of today than of tomorrow and can be at times egoistic. You love to be your own boss and would prefer business to job. Your imaginative power will be high and your innovative ideas can be put forth. Wealth will come along to you and you will be financially very successful. You will invest in fixed assets and be extravagant as well.

You will shine at the time of festivals and would love laughing, playing and dancing. You can be held back only by mental stimulation. The duality enables you to see both the sides for any question and would try to neutralize an arrogant environment. You would love to have a partner who is mentally stimulative. If you are provided your space to grow in love, you would be a true love which would have no comparison.

Love is in the stars. You will meet more than one eligible personel in life. You will be able to take the decision for marriage after july 2009. You will look pretty and will have good luck in love.

In love you will be interdependent and will give a respectable place to the partner and can even collapse yourself for love. Your chattering, tenderness and affection can hold anyone to you. You will have a happy married life and will be lucky and beneficial through marriage. You will be social and make lot of friends. You will become part of various social organizations.

Lucky days : Tuesday,
Saturday : Be precautious as disharmony can prevail
Lucky number for Gemini : 2,7 & 9 are fortunate. 1,3,4 & 6 are good. 5,8 must be avoided.
Lucky Stone for Gemini : Diamond, pearls & ruby.
Lucky Color for Gemini : White, cream, red & yellow. Avoid blue & green.

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