Taurus 2009 Horoscope – Based on your Moon Sign

TAURUS (Apr. 22 – May 21)

Your persistent approach will help you solve the problems and you would make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes done in the past. You will be fortunate. You will love appreciation but will again guard against false compliments.

You will love luxury in life and be sentimental at heart. You will be ready to work for your relationship to be fulfilled. Material pleasures will be equally important to you and you would love to talk to your beloved in the languages of winks and smiles. And once you commit, you will be honest to the core. Taurus loves safety and would be a little possessive in love.

There are chances of you getting a handsome amount of money in inheritance and will handle your finances effectively. You will make money with your own efforts and goodwill. Your communication will help you achieve it. Taurus is generally protective of their partners. Under the influence of the moon, you will get married early in the year. You will have many friends and will be involved in a large number of group activities. Your health will remain good but you might feel a lack of stamina for hectic schedules. You should trust your instinct and avoid being superficial in your interaction with others. Superiors will prove to be beneficial in business matters.

If you are a student then you have a bright academic year ahead and you should show great interest in your studies. For married couples, there will be harmony and love prevailing all year which would be strong in the last quarter of the year. Those who have faced serious grief in romance will be relaxed as the love life will be working fine. Singles have more chances for a committed relationship after the second half of the year

Careful measures should be taken in legal matters as there will be loads of difficulties coming your way. You would love to travel far and wide and would enjoy beautiful tours to the fullest. Self-confidence and your ability to analyze things will be up this year.

Lucky days for 2009: Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Fridays
Lucky numbers: 9, 8 & 6
Lucky Stone: Diamond
Lucky color: blue

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