Sagittarius 2009 Horoscope – Based on your Moon Sign


SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 – Dec. 22)

Your courage and determination will be high but you should be tactful in all your dealings today. Your administration abilities are good. Do not drift much in your plans as they may cause a lot of wastage of time for you.

You love to help people but hate the ones who ask for favors frequently. You can overcome obstacles with ease. You will rise up with your efforts and fulfill great responsibility.

You will be sincere and studious with your studies and appreciate hard work. You will reap the benefits of your educational career and effort this year.

Your love life will be good and your lover will go to any extent. There are chances to have a new romantic partner too. But you need to look charming and appealing for the same. Don’t take any rash decisions and choose appropriate paths for love.

Your health will be good but you may be affected by strange and uncommon diseases. Don’t over-exert or over-tax yourself. Take all small illnesses seriously and don’t let them grow serious.

You will have good wealth this year and will have several sources of income. There will be many ups and downs in careers and your financial position too. But you will sail smoothly through life this year.

You will utilize your monetary sources effectively and to your greater advantage. Marriage life will have many ups and downs and you need to be patient and cooperative. Your friend circle will increase which may bring your better joy and business opportunities in life.

You love to train your beloved in all walks of life. You like to have challenges in life even in the case of love life. You eagerly wait for the lifetime in your life so can lighten up mental fireworks to boost your life.

You love to travel far and wide and you appreciate friendship before committing to love.

Lucky days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
lucky numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 48, and so on.
lucky Stone: Munga
lucky color: Yellow for an increase in income

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