Pisces 2009 Horoscope – Based on your Moon Sign


PISCES (Feb. 22 – March 21)

Pisces is indicated by the sign of fish and these people live in the world of their dreams. They hide several secrets for the lovers to be specified at the good moment. Pisces are intuitive and strive to provide happiness to the partners. Fish loves freedom to swim in any direction and pisces too loves the same.

You will be little self centered this year. Your physique will not be very great but you will be physically active. Your complexion will be good and you will have long neck and face. Brownish eyes and dark hair will add to your personality.

You will achieve great recognition and praise at work. You will achieve what you want through great persistence which promises bright career this year. You may change your field of work this year but you will have proficieny and will shine out brightly. You can place your ideas prominently with great confidence and imagination.

You will love all games and sports too. Health will generally stay good but some illness may come all of a sudden. Change your dietary habits.

There is indication of wealth from unusual sources. Your marriage could be delayed due to presence of mangal but you will be dominating over your partner. Mangal also indicates separation from your partner but other neutralizing factors if present in your specific birth zone might let you continue your married life.

Your social contacts will be great and you will have good friends. You might also lose a few because of your rash and impulsive behavior.

Pisces love fiction to reality and are a dream lover. They will deal in matters of love slowly, carefully and positively.

Pisces deploy great imagination and feelings to make love and avoid war at any case. They appreciate safety and the lover who can provide them safe environment is loved and cherished by them. You tend to give quality in love and every where in life. Pisces takes time to search the true love for life but when they get the perfect one, it exceeds all limits and touches the sky.

Lucky Days: Thursday for profession
Lucky Numbers: 1, 4, 3, 9
Lucky Stone: Coral mounted in gold ring
Lucky Color: Rose, Yellow & Orange. Avoid white, cream & green.

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