Virgo 2009 Horoscope – Based on your Moon Sign


VIRGO (Aug. 22 – Sept. 21)

You will stay to be clever and generate your own innovative ways of doing things. You might change your occupation. An auspicious ceremony is guaranteed in your surroundings which will bring great happiness to you and your family.

Your financial state as well as your social contacts will increase and this will be beneficial to you in every way. You will be able to face adversity with confidence and tact. Your career flight will be unusual this year. You love to be your own boss and there are chances that you can take such initiative for life.

Your confidence will be great and you can try out new areas of work. Your family environment will be great. Travel is indicated which might prove beneficial.

Your magnetism will be ever time high and with great zeal and energy you will face all tasks with great comfort and order.

You will be bestowed with love, vigor, and vitality this year and you can attract the kind of lover you want for life. Romance will be at its best at the year’s end.

Your education will stay to be good but you will have to face great difficulty in your career and you might change your occupations for the same. Your problem-solving capacity will help you solve the troubles with great ease.

You will have some troubles with your health this year so you need to be careful with your dietary habits.

Your finance and wealth will be good and you will be a little lucky in matters of money. You may inherit some money this year but you should save it for the future and not become extravagant. You will fulfill your material desires with your own labor.

You will get married to a person who is more intelligent and you will have an easygoing married life.

You like to help people with their work. Love is important to you and you will try your best to solve the problems in love whenever they arise. You will stay faithful to your partner and expect the same in return. You hate the attitude of flirting and are on the other hand too romantic to your special partner.

You will have limited friends in your lifetime and will stay to be very choosy about them. Keep away from people who are not loyal.

Lucky Days: Wednesday
Lucky Number: 5 and 3
Lucky Stone: Diamond
Lucky Color: White, Cream, and Orange

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