Libra 2009 Horoscope – Based on your Moon Sign


LIBRA ( Sept. 24 – Oct. 23)

Your charisma will be high this year and your ideas about love and romance will be artistic. You will gain from your creativity both in your personal life as well as it will have financial advantages for you.

You will be a great source of inspiration for others and you will be lucky too. Be firm about your beliefs and success will be yours.

You will be independent whether it is in your professional life or a business career. You may change a few occupations and pursue more than one at a time.

Your academic career will be good this year. You can devote time for yourself and your beauty this year and will be in the limelight for parties and social gatherings. Your sexy outlook will be beneficial and bring you romantic rewards this year. After October will be a great passionate time for you and you should devote time to your partner.

As a student, you will be intelligent and successful and love to read and write. Your restless and curious nature will help you satisfy your urge for knowledge.

You may be having ill health so its advisable always to be alert and opt for healthy eating habits.

You will earn and spend an equally good amount of money. It’s advisable to stay within budget and save some for the future.

You will get married to your love mate without much difficulty. You will be highly attached to your partner and make the best companion to your friend.

Librans know how to bring balance to lives. You shine in social interactions and your communication skills are profitable to you. You have a magnetic personality and are always charming. You have style and grace in whatever you do.

In love, you know how to obtain what you want. You will well research for what you want and indeed search for the hottest match under the sky.

Librans love to be liked and lusted for. They prefer a love stronger than theirs and help them to make life better for both the couple.

Be cautious of fraudulent friends and highly deceptive acquaintances.

Lucky Days: Friday and Thursday
Lucky Number: 6, 5 & 8
Lucky Stone: Sapphire, Diamond, and Emerald
Lucky Colors: Pink, Green & White

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