Leo 2009 Horoscope – Based on your Moon Sign

leo zodiac sign

LEO (July 22 – Aug. 21)

Leos love to travel far and wide. You tend to be an unstable and emotional being. You have high imagination but are highly self-centered.

Money will come to you easily but your spending will be high. You love artistic things but are not much creative yourself. You spread love and warmth wherever you go. You are a lover of music. You like to be a leader in the workplace and cannot accept anything less than that. You will become very famous in the trade you work in.

Your career will bloom this year and you will do well in analytic fields. you will be highly rewarded for your input.

This can be one of the most pleasurable years of your life so make the best of it. You like to party rather than involving seriously to love. You like non-committal fun-loving relationships which have no strings attached.

Your education will be good and you have a quick grasp mind. You are alert and your efforts will bear fruits with time

Your health will stay good and you will recover quickly from any diseases. Your constitution may be weak but your overall health will be ok.

Financial difficulties may arise and you may have higher debts this year. Otherwise, you don’t have many financial worries in life.

You will marry at the right age in life and your marriage will be a turning point for your life and career to you.

You will involve in revolutionary activities but you should be cautious of your steps.

Leo is a social animal. You love to be in public and love to be the star. You love to marry a passionate and inventive lover. You like to have a lover who can stimulate you mentally as well as physically. Leos like a tender caress in lovemaking and will appreciate a lover who will tell them that they are the best.

You will be after wealth and will be a leader in your love life. You love admiration and love to do the same for your beloved.

Lucky Days: Thursdays
Lucky Number : 3, 5 & 12
Lucky Stone: Emerald and yellow
Lucky Color: Green & Yellow

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