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A Woman Won Funeral Prize

A Texas woman was thrilled to win a competition at a baseball game – but she isn’t planning to claim the prize of a funeral and burial plot any time soon.


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‘Come up and collect your prize – the funeral of your dreams’


Elaine Fulps was the lucky winner of a stylish send-off worth £5,000.

The 60-year-old took part in the grim contest at a Grand Prairie AirHogs minor league baseball game.

Some of the entrants arrived dressed in black or looking like death.

They participated in a pallbearers’ race, a mummy wrap and a eulogy delivery between innings.

Fulps was randomly chosen as the winner at the end of the game, which was sponsored by a memorial garden and funeral home, who jointly offered the prize.

But she was relieved to find out she doesn’t have to claim her reward any time soon.

According to Ron Alexander, sales manager at Oak Grove Memorial Gardens, it will not expire until after she does.

Fulps was wearing a neck brace at the game, after undergoing surgery around 20 times for various medical problems.

“I almost croaked many times,” she said.

“God still has me around for a reason. To win a funeral.”

She intends to choose a casket and plot when she recovers from her neck injury.

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