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Poker Tips for the Novice

poker tips

Are you new to the exhilarating game of poker but don’t know how to hit it big? No matter what the moral police and the ethics books say, gambling has always been one of the most thrilling activities that people tend to immerse themselves in. Here are 5 tips for your next game of Texas Hold’em Poker so that you can win some serious amounts of money, or at least avoid losing it:

Hide The Joy

Have you heard the term ‘poker face’? Well, it simply refers to the stone emotionless state of the face such that there is no indication of whether a person is happy or sad. This is what you need to follow while playing a game of poker. Irrespective of the fact whether you have a sure-win set of cards in your hand or a dismal set, try to hide your joy or disappointment. Experienced poker players will scan the faces of the other players in the game in order to decide on their strategy for the game.

Play Conservative

In case you are in your first foray into the game of poker try to be conservative. Call a bet or raise the stakes only when you see that you have a very good set of cards in your hand. Don’t try to be adventurous and go on increasing the stakes in case all you have is a pair or a high card. In case you want to be more conservative, avoid raising the stakes even if you have a good hand. Do it only when someone else raises it.

Mix and Match

Following one way of playing poker will soon reveal your strategies and make you predictable in front of other experienced poker players. The key to succeeding in poker is keeping your opponents guessing at all points in time. The moment you think you have been conservative for a long time, try mixing it with one or two rounds of bluffing. This will throw your opponents off their guard and help you win.

Get Your Numbers Correct

While playing poker (in case you are serious about it), it is important that you get your calculations right. All you will need is some basic probability calculating skills, but you must be good at it. Being able to calculate the odds of getting a hand and the chances of winning will help you devise a winning strategy.

Avoid The Ego

The only way to ensure failure in a game of poker is by bringing ego into the game. Don’t let your ego overtake your decision-making senses in case you see your opponent raising the stakes or earning a lot of money. It is better to sit quietly and wait for a good hand before taking part in a game with high stakes. Also, avoid increasing a bet just because you already have a lot of money in it. You will just be increasing the amount that you stand to lose in that case.

While playing poker can be profitable and entertaining in the short run, avoid getting into the habit of gambling. In case you are already there, try following these tips in order to make some profit out of your addiction!

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