Basic Exercises and Tips for Beginners

Basic Exercises and Tips for Beginners

Basic Exercises and Tips for BeginnersExercising or working out is one of the most recommended ways to maintain a healthy, fit and agile body. It’s no child’s play and one should be extremely cautious while working out. The wrong technique or the wrong type of exercises can be devastating and aggravate or cause injuries.

In case you are a beginner, these exercises are strongly recommended for you:

Sit Ups

These exercise are immensely beneficial for a beginner in working out who aims to work him abs and has a toned abdominal and stomach region. They exercise the muscles in this region thus making them stronger and more flexible.

Push Ups

This set of exercises aim to work your triceps, biceps, chest muscles and abs. They are of particular importance in case you want a well-built arm and triceps region.


These exercises aim to strengthen the muscles in your neck and shoulder region. They are also efficient means of removing pain in these areas.

It is important that you keep in mind a few tips when you are starting to workout. These will ensure that your experience of exercising is a hassle free one where you avoid getting frequently injured and too fatigues.

Strength Training or Power Training

In case you are an individual indulging in sports or someone who wants to maintain a toned healthy body you must choose strength training. These forms of training aims at working the muscles in various body parts and ensure that they are strong and flexible. On the other hand power training is for athletes and work out enthusiasts who aim to bulk up their body. These include weight lifting programmes and are usually recommended for heavy hitting sport personnel like boxers and wrestlers. Identify your needs and choose accordingly. In case you are in dilemma seek advice from a professional trainer.

Warm Ups and Relaxation

Whatever routine of exercising you decide to follow, the importance of warming up pre training and relaxation post training can never be ignored. The process of warming up allows your muscles to season themselves to the heavy training ahead and forms a smooth transition from immobility. Relaxation on the other hand ensures that your muscles are adequately rested and toned down once you are done with the working out. Failing to follow these will result in unwanted muscle spasms, tissue damage and other serious forms of injuries.

Technical Advice

Since this is your first foray into working out you must be aware of the various techniques that are involved in the basic as well as advanced working out exercises. If wrongly done they can have no effect on your body (apart from a lot of sweating) and also cause serious injuries. Try to take tips and guidance from a professional trainer when you are learning the various exercises.

A well formulated exercise routine coupled with the right techniques and a good nutritional diet can go a long way into ensuring that you remain healthy and injury free.

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