T20: A Better Cricket


T20 is the newborn baby in the old traditional family of cricket. The main objective of this tournament is to entertain people with fast cricket & lots of other entertainment. The best thing is that it takes too short a time. If we compare it with a movie then it will never take much extra time than a full-length movie. So this power pact format of cricket has really won the hearts of a million people.

Today, there are three kinds of popular cricket matches. Test cricket, one-day cricket & brand new T20 cricket. Nowadays people are very busy. They can’t see full cricket matches due to a lack of time. So it was necessary to start such kind of game which not only saves our time but also entertains.

What happens in T20? Generally, each team plays for 20 over & the other rules are the same as a normal cricket game. Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 4 overs in this format of cricket. That means in this type of match you have to use a minimum of five bowlers. The power play goes up to 6 over. In this time the batsman gets more chance to hit the ball & send it to the outside of the boundary because fielders stay within the circle. No drink breaks are allowed here. After the completion of one inning, players get a chance to take rest for 20 minutes. Again, the next innings started. Within three hours the match comes to an end.

T20 cricket was introduced in recent years. In county cricket in England, T20 is very popular. In the year of 2008, ICC started the T20 world championship. Almost every country which plays general cricket also plays T20 cricket. Many people say that cricket is a batsman’s game. Definitely, there are a lot of chances for batsmen in this format. The size of the playground is reduced. They easily hit the ball. The first six overs become a heaven for the batsman. One side’s score generally comes to 50-60 runs in the first six overs. But it is also true that bowlers can get some help from the pitch. In this type of cricket, the experimental area of a bowler is very much less. He has to put the ball in the correct length & in the right line. Otherwise the probability of hit increases.

Nowadays almost every country conducts the T20 championship. Besides the ICC world championship, IPL is also very popular among the fans, mainly the youth. Every country gets its T20 specialist cricketer through this kind of tournament. Almost every player wants to play T20 cricket at present. Because the amount invested is very large. Different agencies use cricket as a marketing medium. They also hire players for advertisements of their products. In the domestic T20 championship, the players can earn a large amount of money in a very short time. But it is really a big question that whether it is better or not. According to me, which is suitable for a human being is definitely a better thing. T20 is nothing but a combo package of cricket & entertainment.

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