How to Choose a Tennis Racquet?

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet?

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet?Are you at a loss when it comes to choosing the right racquet to complement your lawn tennis skills? This article aims to make the tricky task of choosing one a lot easier for you. Remember that you shouldn’t get swayed by the miraculous features and promises most manufacturers to offer.

Get the basics right before concentrating on the frills. Here are 4 tips to help you choose a tennis racquet:

Racquet Grip Size

The grip of the racquet is the most important part. This is the part that you hold on to while playing lawn tennis. Getting the grip wrong can create havoc on the court irrespective of how talented you are. So how can you check whether the racquet grip is of the perfect size for you? Hold the racquet with the hand that you usually use. Then use the index finger of the other hand to slide in the vacant space between the tips of your finger and the base of the palm. If this gap is too small for inserting the index finger, you should know that the racquet’s grip is too small for you. In case there is a lot of room after inserting the index finger, the racquet’s grip is too big.

Head Size Of The Racquet

The choice of head size will depend on the fact whether you are a rookie lawn tennis player or an experienced one. An oversize racquet head is recommended for beginners as this way it is easier for them to find the sweet spot for hitting the tennis ball. A racquet with a large head also reduced the power the player needs to exert on an excellent shot. On the other hand, an experienced tennis player must look for racquets with smaller or medium-sized heads. While smaller racquets require more power from the player for a good shot, they have a number of positives. A racquet with a smaller head is easier for maneuvering and increases player mobility on the court. The shots will be more stable too.

Racquet Weight And Material

Racquets are made from a wide range of materials and they differ in weight and other parameters accordingly. The most common material for racquets is graphite as it is adequately light and also offers stability and longevity to the racquet. You can also use racquets made from lightweight aluminum and titanium. In case you are a beginner, it is advisable to avoid using racquets that are made from Kevlar and boron. These racquets are too light for a beginner to understand the amount of strength and pressure they need to exert for getting the right shot. Avoid racquets made from wood and fiberglass as they are heavy and bulky.

In case you are a player who likes playing from the baseline, look to buy a racquet that is heavy at the head. On the other hand if you prefer playing near the net, you must choose a heavy racquet around the handle region.

It is important to choose the right racquet by keeping in mind these 3 aspects of choosing one. Consider asking your tennis coach or an experienced player to tag along while you are choosing your racquet. They can help you with more tips and tricks.

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