Top Five Wicket-Keepers

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Wicket-keepers are the most essential asset of a team. All the 11 players together combine to form a team and their collective effort can only win matches for them. But still, the main responsibilities lie on the shoulder of the wicketkeeper.

There are a number of batsmen and bowlers a team possesses but every team has got a single wicket-keeper. He is the key player in the side because it is he who mostly earns wickets as a bowler and also bats for the team when it’s necessary.

There are many good keepers but to be in the top 5 they need to have some extra quality in them. Keepers are mainly ranked according to the maximum number of dismissals they made.


1Mark BoucherSouth Africa
2Adam GilchristAustralia
3Alec StewartEngland
4Ian HealeyAustralia
5Rodney MarshAustralia

Mark Boucher

  • 475 dismissals with an average of 0.95
  • 4,693 runs with an average of 29.9

He is best known for his swiftness in glove work. He is a great slogger and one of the best finishers in the game.

Adam Gilchrist

  • 416 dismissals with an average of 0.86
  • 5,570 runs with an average of 47.61

He is considered the best Aussie wicket-keeper batsman. He is also the best left-handed wicket-keeper batsman to date. He is not only a great keeper but also a destructive batsman and sweet-timer of the ball. He has played leading roles in many of the Aussie victories.

Alec Stewart

  • 277 dismissals with an average of 0.67
  • 8,463 runs with an average of 39.55

He is best known for his capabilities of keeping and batting and lifting the standard of English cricket during their crisis time. He has not only been leading his side from being the stumps but also leading the team from the front as their skipper. He is the highest run-getting wicketkeeper in the world to date.

Ian Healey

  • 395 dismissals with an average of 1.03
  • 4,356 runs with an average of 27.4

Australia has been the birthplace of the great keepers. Besides Gilchrist, he is also remembered for his excellence behind the wicket during keeping and in front of the wicket while batting.

Rodney Marsh :

  • 355 dismissals with an average of 1.3
  • 3,633 runs with an average of 26.52

He is also from Australia, rather than from the marsh family. He started the era for the marsh family and was an outstanding keeper cum batsman. he is best known for his patience and calmness on the field.

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