Apple Glass with AR lenses To be Launched in 2023

Apple Glass Launch Rumour

Apple Glass, a futuristic yet one of the most elusive AR lenses projects was rumored to be launched this year. However, with the iPhone 12, AirPods Studio, and Apple Watch 6 lined up for a launch this year, the much-hyped augmented reality glasses are pushed behind.

Apple Glass Launch Date

Apple Glass Launch Date Rumour

Work on Apple Glass is underway and insiders believe that Apple Glass may not be launched anytime before 2022. Internal presentations made in Apple put the launch date as 2023. But Apple may be ready for the launch as early as 2021. Since Apple would want the media fanfare at the time of launch, it may wait until things normalize globally and in-person events resume. Apple is in the process of testing the application and activation of Apple Glass which works on Starboard, an iOS13 operating system.

Apple AR Glasses Price

Apple Glass Price Rumour

Apple Glass’ price is believed to be $499. Additional prescription fees will need to be paid. The glasses will be priced low because it uses the iPhone’s processor and will be integrated with Alexa.

Apple Glass Features

Apple Glass Feature Rumours

All the information that is now on your phone will be brought to your eyes. The wearable Apple Glass will be in sync with the user’s iPhone and will display emails, text, games, maps, and more before the user’s vision. The glass may have a dedicated app store as well as 3rd party apps. It will be equipped with a LiDAR scanner on the right lobe, wireless chargers, and a plastic stand.

Apple Glass Leaked Design

apple glass leaked design

Sources say that the Apple Glass design is likely to be simple, plastic made. However, the marketing material indicates that the glasses are likely to be close to Clark Kent’s design. The Apple Glass is expected to be lightweight and comfortable for the wearer.

Apple Glass Leaked Specs

Though the exact Apple Glass specs are not known at the moment, we can presume it is based on the current tech. We expect it to be similar to Hololens 2 which has a 52°view and 47ppi resolution. Also, the Apple Glasses may connect with the iPhone through Wi-Fi, since it will need a greater bandwidth than Bluetooth to process videos shot by the Apple Glass camera and resend the 3D images back to the glasses. Battery life is expected to be at least 3 hours.

Apple Glasses- What We Expect

Apple Logo

Features that people would want in their Apple Glasses to look like normal glass with AR fully integrated with 3D. We expect a battery life of 8 hours and it should be possible to run all iOS AR apps through the Apple Glass.

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