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Password Manager

To cope with increasing data and password theft risk, more and more people are switching to using password manager apps, both in their computers and Smartphones. The nice thing is you can find feature rich and functional password manager apps- or your iOS and Android based devices. A number of such apps come for free.

Listed below are some of the top and free password manager apps for the 2 popular Smartphone platforms.

  • LastPass Password Manager– It is one of the nifty and reliable password managers supporting the 2 popular Smartphone platforms and comes for free. It secures your passwords with AES 256-bit encryption. It also lets you store credit card info, health insurance data too. Besides, it lets you create strong and complex passwords.
  • Kaspersky Password Manager– It comes from the house of the famous antivirus software maker based in Russia. Kaspersky Password Manager is ideal when you want a comprehensive solution for storing your passwords and sensitive data securely. It even synchronizes stored data across all devices you use. Screenshot capture protection is its USP.
  • Keeper Password Manager-This is another popular free password manager for android and iOS device users. Apart from storing your passwords securely, this app stores all your photos, credit card details with AES-256 encryption. It lets you generate robust passwords. It even comes with a useful self-destruct feature. You get support for secure fingerprint scan.
  • Norton Password Manager– Another free password manager coming from the stable of legendary antivirus expert, Norton Password Manager offers excellent performance. Its built-in password generator is flawless and lets you make unique passwords for each account and apps. It comes with support for secure mobile PIN.
  • Dashlane Password Manager– Another free password manager to protect your smartphone, Dashlane is simple to use. You can store data locally or through cloud. Its password vault is safe with AES-256 security encryption.
  • aWallet Password Manager– It comes in both free and paid versions. You can use aWallet Password Manager to store all passwords and credit card data, along with e-banking details. It supports Triple DES. You do not get pestered by annoying ads while running the app. The encrypted data can be exported to Android USB devices in CSV format. The Auto lock feature ensures the app can’t be accessed by others in case you leave the device unattended for a long time. Moreover, after a number of unsuccessful unlocks attempts the app can auto-destruct
  • Bitwarden – Bitwarden has free and premium versions, however free version covers all the basics features of what good password manager can do, However it lacks a feature that checks password toughness.

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