How to Get the Most Out Of Your Smartphone?

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Have you spent a ton of money buying the great-looking smartphone that you always wanted but still don’t use beyond texting and calling? Do you get lost amidst all the features that a smartphone offers and thus choose not to avail of them? This piece aims to give you a walkthrough of some of the smartphone features that you can use for garnering productivity.

Music and Movies

It’s time to bunk carrying around your laptop wherever you are going because you want to watch a movie on the road or listen to music. The smartphone of this age offers you all the video and audio functionalities of the laptop and your music player. The big screen makes watching movies a treat and the amazing sound quality can rival your favorite music player. Thus you can bunk carrying an assortment of devices and just carry your smartphone around.


Gone are the days when checking your email was the only internet feature that your phone used to offer. The smartphone is capable of visiting almost any website on earth thanks to its advanced support for Flash, HTML, and another website coding. This way you can stay connected to your friends through social networking sites and also get some work done on the internet while on the move. All you need is a smartphone and a data plan with your connection provider. The long journey will not be boring anymore.


The hardware of smartphones is currently rivaling notebooks with multi-core processors, gigabytes of ram, and excellent screens. These features make playing your favorite games on a smartphone a treat to the eye. Most well-known game developers release a free or demo version of their successful video games for phone platforms. This will ensure that you can keep playing your favorite games while on the move. Also available on smartphones are various widely popular addictive arcade games that serve as excellent pastimes.

Perfect Assistant

Smartphones of the future will erase the need for having a secretary or personal assistant and the smart of this era shows the path to it. Your smartphone is capable of remembering meetings and important events (use reminders for this purpose), guiding you to a particular place (use your smartphone’s GPS and maps) and handling purchases of commodities, movie tickets, railway tickets, et al., and many more. With recent advancements in technology, the latest smartphones are also equipped with voice recognition software where your smartphone can perform a certain task just by listening to what you want it to do. Just the way you give commands to your secretary.


There is an application available for any imaginable purpose for your smartphone. Whether you want to plan the next vacation or determine which way you should be facing for your evening Namaaz. This will allow you to use your smartphone in a productive manner.

In case you have got your hands on the latest smartphone but are unaware of its features, you are just being an un-smart person. So go ahead, tinker around with your smartphone and unleash its true capabilities.

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