The iPhone you’ve been waiting for

iphone 3g

The new Apple iPhone 3G by Airtel premieres August 22, 2008. iPhone 3G will be available to everyone in two options:

  1. 8 GB (Black) for Rs 31000
  2. 16GB (White and Black) for Rs. 36100

How to get your iPhone on priority

There is large number of registrations for the iPhone 3G. As there are limited stocks, make sure you get yours on priority.

To get your iPhone3G on priority, visit one of the select Airtel Stores & confirm your booking by paying Rs. 5000/-. On August 20th or 21st. The store personnel shall, thereafter give you an appointment to collect your iPhone3G.

When you book your iPhone3G from Airtel, you show your expression of interest to buy iPhone3G. You will receive periodic updates at the contact details given by you. At the launch of iPhone3G Airtel shall make the best effort to make the phone available on first come first serve basis.

For list of the selected Airtel stores log on to

Hurry! Limited Stocks

Remember, the sooner you confirm your booking, the earlier you’ll get your iPhone. We have limited stocks and it will be on first come first serve basis.

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